Water Filter System Malaysia

Water is a basic need for all living things on the surface of earth. While water covers 70% of the earth’s surface, only about .01% of it represents readily potable water. With Envilab’s water filtration systems, any imbalances, particles and contaminants can be reduced. We at Envilab believe that social creativity and innovation is what holds the key to meeting all of your clients’ diverse water requirements. Since each client has unique water issues, each needs an individual and clever solution. We draw on our expertise and information technologies to establish optimum water infrastructures. We do not only contribute trusted, reliable water supplies but also use accurate data to effectively manage overall water treatment cycles.

We have many different kinds of water filtration systems to cater to your needs, weather you are an industry or a home. We specialize in areas to cater large accommodations like factories with our industrial water filter systems and water treatment equipment. Envilab combines engineering, manufacturing as well as technology to offer our clients the perfect water filter system. If your water supply is constantly very cloudy and hazy, this is the result of the presence of sediments in the water. Envilab water filer system does a fascinating job in removing dirt, clay, and silt from your water supply. Besides that, our filters have premium quality blades and filtering equipments that are specially designed to reduce contaminants that cause water to have that unpleasant smell and taste. We also make sure your water does not have any discolouration so that you end up with crystal clear top quality water coming out of your faucet. Some water have naturally very low pH and what this can do is it can corrode the iron on unlined pipes, leaving behind red stains in your water. Iron is an essential nutrient to human beings but not this rusted particle which has been proven to even cause death if consumed beyond the limit. The Envilab water filter system reduces the occurance of the presence of red stains in your water; no matter for drinking or industrial use by neutralizing the acids which cause the water to have low pH.

Water filter systems from Envilab can disinfect your water leaving you with water which is not only pure, but also better tasting. We have designed our water filter systems to cater to your individual needs. Our water filter system can address a wide range of water issues and it is a brilliant solution when standard water filters are just not doing a good job. Envilab’s water filter system can complement your existing water softener machine, so it is minimum hassle for you. Our water filter system can even soften well water that it is suitable to drink. It can also reduce chlorine taste in your water as it is not a pleasant taste.



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