Types of Air Pollution Control Equipments

A vital component of industrial processes that cannot ever be neglected is the air pollution control equipment. Air pollution control equipment removes volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants from the air like sulfur dioxide and soot. These compounds are a threat to the environment, ecosystem and human health. It results in acid rain, haze, carbon emissions, smog and climate change in general. Besides that, hazardous air pollutants have been found to have links with cancer, and serious birth defects. To monitor and control these harmful emissions, facilities have to use air pollution control equipments like the Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). This equipment helps keep the air pollutant output levels on the low. Depending on the job, industries might employ scrubbers, air ventilation equipments, bag filters, cyclones etc. Here are a few types of air pollution control systems as well as their key features.

Scrubbers are a group of air pollution control equipments that can be used to remove particles and gases from exhausts streams of industries. Scrubbers use liquid to remove unwanted pollutants from a gas stream. It is the primary devices that control gaseous emissions like fumes and acid gases. This equipment can also be used for heat recovery from hot gases by the condensation of flue gases. Scrubbers scrub the obnoxious fumes like NH3 and HNO3. This scrubber system can be used for recovery of various products as per requirement of the clients.

Another air pollution control equipment is the cyclone. This equipment is used to trap dust and soot into its cylindrical chamber and leaves via a central opening. When huge gas volumes have to be handled, high collection efficiency is needed to form a multicyclone. This system is also customized for product recovery along with air pollution control equipment.

Besides that, bag filters are used to collect dry, free flowing dust and carbon particles; usually dust from the dust laden air that enters by suction into the hopper. The dust is retained on the filter element when it passes across the filter media and hence clean air passes through. These bags are cleaned periodically by Reverse Pulse jet type method.

Last but not the least, one of the types of air pollution control system is the air ventilator. This equipment works by utilizing wind power induced by centrifugal action. The force of centrifugation is caused by the rotating of vanes that created low pressure which draws out air through the rotating body. The amount of air drawn put by the air ventilator is continuously replaced by new fresh air from outside. Air ventilators work on natural draft so no external power is necessary.


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