Medical Supplies Philippines

Healthcare providers in the globalization era are facing growing challenges that define their needs. ITS SCIENCE PHILIPPINES can offer solutions to operate effectively in a competitive field. We offer quality medical supplies which can bring about excellent care for your patients.

Patient beds are the key medical supply that every hospital needs. Here at ITS SCIENCE PHILIPPINES, we supply LINET Acute care Bed – Eleganza 2 which pushes the boundaries of safety standards, quality of workmanship and design. It is a genuinely modern bed which contains all the sophisticated functions. Thanks to its modern design, Eleganza 2 shifts the perception of patient care to a higher level. Based on a recent study, more than 30% of patients fall down when they get out of their bed. Thus, we have given rise to a handrail and integrated mobility so that the patient gains assurance when he/she gets up. He then regains his independence in a shorter period of time. It also comes with a practically located urine bag holder with angle adjustments.

Another medical supply that we have is the PRIMEDIC defibrillators. These stand for the highest of all safety standard, easy operation and rapid readiness to use. The functional design of Spacelabs AED saves valuable time, which can actually save lives. This medical supply is clearly arranged, handy and easy to carry around. The instructions on the display are optimized for international use as it delivers simple explanations to ensure anyone and everyone can take the right action to help the patient in his/her emergency moment.

Patient monitoring equipments are another medical supply that we at ITS SCIENCE PHILIPPINES provide. We offer 3 kinds of patient monitoring and one of it is the Elance elite series of monitors. These medical supplies combine high performance with style. It has up to 5 waveforms and 7 numerics. It all provides 120 hour trends. Mobility is enhance by a 5 hour lithium ion battery and built in power supply in all models. This monitor weighs only 2.4 kg, allowing it to easily fit into any environment, optimizing caregiver access. Everything in a healthcare centre should be sterilized. PMSSTERIPACK is a heat-sealable sterilization reel that is constructed from transparent PET/PP multilayer copolymer film as well as high quality medical grade paper. To differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages, indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization are applied of the medical grade paper surface of the sterilization reel. All indicators are non- toxic water based inks that meet the requirements of ISO 11140-1 standard.


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