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If you are looking to purchase durable and long-lasting medical equipment, we at ITS-SCIENCEMEDICAL SINGAPORE have got you covered. We supply a wide selection of medical equipments to fit your needs. From hospital infrastructures, surgical portfolio, sterility assurance to anesthesia & patient monitoring; we have got it all. ITS-SCIENCEMEDICAL SINGAPORE has the choice that you want, as well as the equipment that you need.

We supply medical equipments all over Singapore. Our mission is to provide quality medical equipments with superior value to health care providers such as hospitals and clinics as well as end users, improving human health care and enhancing life quality of people.

One of the most important medical equipment is hospital beds. ITS-SCIENCEMEDICAL SINGAPORE offers a variety of hospital beds with high quality features such as increased weight capacities. We believe that a good quality operating table is one of the most important medical equipment as the key to better outcomes of the patient. Therefore, we came up with our STERIS’ wide range of surgical tables, orthopedic tables as well as examination table as a solution for every operating room. Our products are priced very reasonably. The surgical tables we supply have versatility, generous height and weight restrictions that make them fit for uncountable surgical procedures such as plastic surgery and pediatric procedures. This medical equipment, without a doubt is a staple in any surgical centre because of its adaptability among hospital staffs and patients.

A must have medical equipment in any ambulance is a blood pressure monitor. ITS-SCIENCEMEDICAL SINGAPORE supplies the The Spacelabs Healthcare OnTrak 90227 Ambulatory Blood Pressure (ABP) monitor. This medical equipment is a tiny, light weight battery powered blood pressure monitor that is specially designed to take blood pressure as well as heart rate measurements from 24 hours up to even 7 days.

Another medical equipment we supply is the PMS Steripack heat-sealable sterilization reels and pouches. This medical equipment offers packaging solution for sterilization applications, while ensuring dependable protection of medical devices against contamination from bacteria and viruses from the time of sterilization until the you finish using the medical equipment. We have constructed the reels and pouches using transparent PET/PP multi layered copolymer film.

These are just a few of the medical equipments that we supply. to know more about our company and to make your order, head over to now!





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