Finding The Perfect Ice Cream in Singapore

With so many major ice cream brands in Singapore, how will one know which ice cream is the best? Mingo redefines the meaning of ice cream by giving it a new perspective to taste and flavor. We truly believe that we are the crème de la (ice) crème!


Mingo began whipping up fresh and tasty ice cream in 2009 in Thailand. In just eight years we have brought smiles to all who tasted our products. But it would be wrong not to share our amazing ice cream with the world, so we set sail for countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and some parts of China. And we’ll keep on sailing until people all across the world have easy access to Mingo ice creams!


Our ice creams are especially created to bring joy and delight at every bite. We have various ranges to suit every Singaporeans needs; no matter what age and background. Mingo carries several notable ice cream brands such as Rokka, Oasis, Fruitesia as well as Fruttega.


We at Mingo believe that strawberry ice creams should taste like real fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream should taste absolutely pure and refreshing. That is why we choose to keep our recipes simple and use only finest ingredients. We only use 100% fresh milk and you will never find an additive in our products. Mingo ice creams are relatively low in fats and calories while still remaining rich and flavourful. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the best ice cream in Singapore, made with ingredients you can feel secure about.


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